Simplify Your Life

DogAnchor simplifies your life! Our simple and portable leash system is a convenient way to safely contain your pet. The compact design is easy to transport and safe for use on all surfaces. With no fuss over messy dog tie-out stakes, it is easy to take your beloved pet anywhere you go.

Versatile and Indestructible

DogAnchor gives you and your pet freedom! The sleek but tough design makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use, accommodating any breed of dog up to 50 lbs. The rubberized coating is durable and waterproof and the smooth surface makes it safe and worry free for use on all flooring types.

Perfect for Training & Grooming

DogAnchor makes training and grooming your pet easy! Because of the mobility and security it provides, potty and behavior training, grooming, and bathing become a safe, calm, and controlled experience for you and your dog. With 3 and 10 foot leash options, it is ideal for all ages and stages of life.

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What Customers Say

“I don’t think I could live without the doganchor. I use it inside to keep my scottie from jumping on visitors and even at the park.”
“Perfect for my dog, it goes wherever we go.”
“This thing is one of those things I wish I thought of. The dogachor makes it easy take my kids AND my dog to the park.”
“Very satisfied customer!!!”
“Not sure how I got a long without this before. Thanks, excellent product.”